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Please find below 12 minutes of  "John Muir - University of the Wilderness", a program which in its entirety contains 90 minutes of music and narration. Below that is a link to transcripts of the narration, the sources for those writings, and brief descriptions of what their role is in the telling of the story.

Downloadable WAV files for broadcast

John Muir, University of the Wilderness

From their first live radio concerts for KCRW in Santa Monica CA to more recent performances on BBC Radio Scotland, Chance has benefited from the support of Public Radio all along.  This offering, with its intriguing blend of music and literature, is great radio just waiting to happen.

Downloadable Program Notes

In the many forms radio pieces have taken for this program we have always felt that a little bit of a "jumping off point" for a piece or interview can be helpful to the process.  In these notes we've attempted to provide some helpful details about the music and Muir's writings and about the design of the program.

Program Notes (pdf)


Option two - Downloadable WAV file - 10:05 continuous track

Narration -1:47
"The Holy Ground" - 3:43  Gerry O'beirne
Narration - 1:30
"The Dragon's Eye" - 2:35  "Chance"
Narration - 0:30